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Yangzhou Kangli Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (the original Baoying County Kangli Electric Factory) is a research and development, design, production of industrial electric heaters, electrical equipment as one of the technology companies, Main: moisture-proof electric heater, aluminum heating Stainless steel electric heater, air heater, electric heater, electric heater, electric heater, electric heater, electric heater, electric heater Heaters, air heaters, the company has first-class production equipment, with a sound means of detection and independent research and development of new products, all kinds of engineering and technical personnel and professional and technical personnel of the total number of workers more than 30 percent. The company was founded in 1980, is specialized in producing all kinds of electric heater components, complete sets of electric heating components and complete sets of electric heating equipment business, after several reorganization and integration, the company R & D and production of electric heating pipe, Aluminum, cast copper, cast iron electric heater, far infrared radiation heater, acid heaters and large air heaters, ovens, drying Road and other electric heating products.


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